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Knox Box Program

We encourage the purchase and installation of a Knox Box® system for business owners and residents.
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It’s all year that we call on you, the generous members of our community, for your financial support. Every year, we ask for your financial assistance to help our department meet its budgetary goals. Like you, we continue to feel the pinch of today’s economy. Thanks to your support, we continue to provide the exceptional level of Emergency Services to our community that you have come to expect. We have 50 volunteer members that are trained and certified as firefighter. In addition, we also have several members that maintain many specialty certifications in order to provide the highest level of response and service to our neighbors, residents and businesses. Our focus this year continues to remain concentrated on providing the services you have come to expect, our new building fund and a new engine fund. Reduction in county funding will continue through the next years which have placed a large burden on our services as our operating costs have increased by 20%.

All donations are accepted with great gratitude to help continue our community services

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